A lifetime of experience dedicated to your cows daily ration

About Us

Being a third generation silage harvester, Matthew Zeller and his wife Rana run a professional and efficient silage harvesting company. Matthew began his silage harvesting career at the age of eleven and has devoted his entire career to every aspect of the business. Since before he could drive the equipment he has been able to maintenance and repair equipment.

Rather than a pick-up being his first large purchase, it was a Kenworth T800 strait truck to haul silage. His next purchase would be a packing tractor, and the list would continue.

Zeller Harvesting Co. owns and operates two silage Claas silage choppers, two case packing tractors, four strait trucks, and two tractor trailer silage trucks. When this is not enough to cover our customers needs, we work closely with several silage harvesters who have also devoted their career to feeding cows quality silage.  

Zeller Harvesting Co. is devoted to integrity and professionalism. It is of the utmost importance our customers receive quality service from not only Matthew and Rana, but our employees as well. We want to leave every customer satisfied with the service and the product.  

Route & Equipment

Zeller Harvesting Co proudly harvests silage with Class Silage Harvesters. Owning and operating two silage harvesters, two packing tractors, and supporting silage trucks, Zeller Harvesting currently travels Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.