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Work With Us

We are currently accepting applications for chopper operator, packing tractor operator, and silage truck operators for June-November 2020.

Possible candidates will exude the following characteristics: 

  • Honesty: be straight up with people; stand behind our words
  • Integrity: act accordingly to what is right and wrong; ethically as well as legally
  • Initiative: do something because it needs to be done; be eager to begin and complete; help others to achieve
  • Flexibility: open-minded to explore new ideas; will alter plans when necessary
  • Frugality: prudent with and wise use of business assets
  • Responsibility: do what we say we will do; do it right the first time; admit mistakes
  • Communication: listen; express; be approachable; be respectful; silence means consensus
  • Timeliness: show up on time; honor the demands for peak work timeframes (harvest, maintenance, etc)
  • Organization: work in orderly way, neatness is a good “commercial” for our business and agriculture
  • Effort: do your best
  • Safety: use safety aids, be alert for and correct hazards
  • Common sense: think it through
  • Problem-solving: seek solutions; address small problems before they become big
  • Conflict: address the issue, not attack the person; seek mutual resolution to conflict; seek outside help if necessary
  • Cooperation: work together toward a common goal or purpose
  • Continuous learning: embrace technology when justified; elevate professional knowledge
  • Team building: praise in public; correct in private; willing to help others; surround ourselves and this business with competent people
  • Forward thinking: anticipate the future; be a risk manager
  • Caring: show and feel concern
  • Sense of Humor: laugh and be playful without hurting others
  • Appreciation and Celebration: intentionally honor and recognize who we are, and what we have accomplished
  • Personal and Work Boundaries: separate and respectful; create space and limits for information and interaction